PROFILINE Leather Cleaner

Volume: 1 l
SKU: 02703000

Extra strong foam cleaner for high-quality leather interiors made of pigmented smooth leather. Removes even stubborn dirt without leaching or attacking the leather. Optimal application with the SONAX Foamsprayer 250 ml. Produces a firm, standing foam that does not unnecessarily soak the leather. Note: New packaging no longer comes with spray nozzle.


  • Vacuum loose dirt.
  • Spray the cleaner into a SONAX textile + leather brush  or application sponge  and massage into the leather.
  • Then wipe thoroughly with a damp SONAX ultra-fine microfibre cloth .
  • After cleaning, we recommend using SONAX PROFILINE Leather Protection to protect, care for and seal the leather.

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for aniline and suede leather. Always clean connected surfaces. Before use (especially with leather steering wheels), test the color fastness and abrasion resistance of the leather on a small, inconspicuous area. Do not use on heated surfaces and do not allow to dry.


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